This website is aimed at helping you make the right, and informed, decision about whether releasing money from the value of your home is right for you. Equity Release can seem quite complex so as well as thoroughly reading the Suffolk Equity Release informative guide you should also seek professional advice from an Equity Release Specialist. Suffolk Equity Release can help you find equity release advice in Suffolk & Norfolk as well as across East Anglia.

Are you in retirement, or nearing retirement, and are concerned about your financial security?

Is your Retirement as comfortable as you had hoped for? In an ideal world all your hard work and savings would give you the lifestyle you had hoped. However, for many different reasons you may find that this isn’t the case!

Equity release has come along way from the Shared Appreciation Mortgage of the 1970s and Home Reversion Schemes of the 1980s. You can still release money by way of Home Reversion however there is now a much greater choice of schemes to meet the needs of most borrowers.

An equity release plan unlocks tax-free cash from your home and can be the perfect way to ease your financial worries and improve your lifestyle.

Are you:

• In need of lump or some additional income to top up your pension

• Wanting to stay in your home but have more money to enjoy your retirement

• Fast approaching the end of your mortgage term or looking to move but struggling to switch lenders or deals

• Simply unable to afford, or wish, to continue to meet your monthly mortgage repayments


If you have answered “Yes” to any of the above Equity Release may just be for you.

Suffolk Equity Release looks at providing information and guidance to:

  • The Types of Equity Release – Equity Release Explained
  • Exploring the Alternatives
  • And the Frequently Asked Questions

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We can also help you find equity release advice wherever you live by introducing you to our trusted partner, Responsible Equity Release, who have a Nationwide network of fully qualified Equity Release Specialists.


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